Professional driver – passenger transport from/to the Prague Airport

An established transport company is looking for partners with their own vehicle to fill the contract driver position (taxi without a taximeter). We expect the drivers to be able to speak some English and know the basics of Czech, to be professional, and to know their way around Prague. The job is also suitable for students who want to make some extra money or as weekend work.


Job – Contractual Driver Prague Airport Transfers


We offer:

Good salary

Permanent work during the season (from the second half of March to the end of December) and optimal workload out of season

Flexible working hours (the driver gets to decide when and how long he wants to work)

No flat rates for the dispatching

Reimbursement for parking at the Prague Airport



Basic communication skills in English

Taxi driver card and topographical test

Registering the vehicle in the taxi registry

Wearing a business suit

Your own vehicle (no older than 5 years)


Vehicle requirements

Personal vehicle in the Škoda Superb or Mercedes E category

Microbus in the Mercedes Vito/Viano or VW Caravella/Transporter category

The vehicle must not be older than 5 years


Don’t own a vehicle?

You can simply rent it through various taxi rentals, for example,, etc.

Or you can contact our partner company Car Executive Service s.r.o. that will secure work for you (as an employee) through our company without having to own a vehicle. Phone: (+420) 723 293 535 email:


Have a different vehicle or don’t fulfill all the requirements?

If you don’t have a TAXI driver card or your vehicle is older or a different brand, you can set up a meeting to place your car in the LOW COST category.


Approximate order volume and pay

The number of orders depends mostly on the working hours of the driver. The best time for ideal workload is from 7am to 11pm. That is when we process the most transport requests. During a regular work time of 12 hours, a driver can do 6 to 12 transfers. The price per order for transfer to the Prague Airport is between 330 CZK to 580 CZK, depending on the type of the vehicle and the type of payment.



We mostly secure transfers for foreign Prague visitors. Foreigners usually reward a good service by tipping. The average tips per work day are 500 CZK.


Questions / Training


Phone: (+420) 774 903 971  (If you can’t reach us, send a text messages)


Signing a contract


Phone: (+420) 777 774 976 (If you can’t reach us, send a text messages)